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Motion Graphics and Animation

Through 2D or 3D animation, learn how graphic visualization can enhance your brand’s story

Motion graphics and animation can render a compelling visual story that enhances a brand’s appeal. In addition, mixing motion graphics with live footage can communicate the story without the use of narration or voiceover, drawing viewers in with elements like kinetic text to highlight key features of a product.

While our editors can handle many motion graphics needs for videos, including things like logo animation, animated lower thirds, engaging transitions, and more, sometimes your video may require another level of graphic production.

Perhaps that’s complicated 3D animation, texturing, and rendering, or character work, or custom graphic design. We’ve got you covered with some talented motion graphics animators who can bring your vision to life. They’ll work closely with our editors on the other parts of the post-production process to bring those motion elements into your project. From a swarming, swirling ball of angry 3D mosquitoes, to a comprehensive curriculum overview made entirely of vector icons and objects – our animators can do it all!

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