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Why Storytelling is Important

A fundamental part of the human experience that drives a strong connection and unites people is storytelling. Storytelling is how we share information to educate and communicate with each other. It is a powerful method for learning and can often help convey complex information in a way that makes sense to others. A good story is both compelling and one in which the audience is easily able to identify the message. The world today is full of distractions, and there is a lot of media to consume and information to take in. It is no easy task to capture an audience’s attention long enough to successfully convey a message. The story must be captivating. What can help a story stand out to an audience is using an efficient method of delivery.

Because stories elicit emotion and influence who we can trust, storytelling can be a powerful marketing tool, one that enables marketers to captivate an audience. Video storytelling is a very effective way to captivate an audience long enough to communicate the character and message of a brand.

Video Storytelling

Video storytelling is a marketing tool used to tell a story about a company, brand or product in a video format. Telling a story in a video format naturally engages viewers with narrative-based content. It uses a combination of elements, such as camera angles, characters and the soundtrack to elicit emotion to develop a deeper connection with the audience. Unlike most marketing strategies that focus on the product, video storytelling drives engagement by centering the story itself. Video storytelling is more than just a sales pitch, because it has the ability to captivate an audience in an immersive experience.

Storytelling through Video

It is imperative to get the audience’s attention in a matter of seconds, and storytelling through video can often keep people interested visually within a matter of seconds. An audience is likely to stay engaged when they feel emotionally connected to the story. Video storytelling operates under the principle of “show don’t tell,” and has been proven to connect powerfully with people. A compelling video will have only the elements that are necessary to convey a message visually and does not need to spell out every concept.

Tips for a compelling video story

  • Identify your target audience: It is important to know the target audience. It is easier to develop a concept that will keep the viewer interested.

  • Get creative: Video format allows for complex concepts to be conveyed in a way that’s easy to understand. Start with the principle message then find a unique way to tell it.

  • Use humor: Eliciting emotion is imperative. Making an audience laugh leaves them with a lasting impression and creates a positive experience with the message and your brand.

  • Keep it short: You don’t need a long time to tell a good story, a video story illustrates only the important and necessary elements.

  • Create a narrative: A good story will always have a beginning, middle and end. The characters should be memorable, with a well-defined and easy-to-understand plot.

If you have an idea or concept you are ready to bring to life on the screen,3 Ton Group can work with you to create a video story that will captivate your audience. 3 Ton Group has a proven track record in working with each of our clients to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content.


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