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Explaining the Benefits: Discover How Explainer Videos Can Transform Your Business

Do you want to communicate a complex idea or product in an understandable, yet engaging way? Explainer videos are the answer! In this blog post, we'll go over five of our favorite explainer video examples and discuss why they work so well. Plus, get all the info on how to make your very own video - from developing ideas to finalizing it. So let's dive into some awesome explainer vids and turn them into gold for YOUR project too!

Get ready to become an explainer video expert! By the time you reach the end of this post, you'll know all about what makes a great fun video example and how to create one that packs your message with punch.

animated explainer video still frame

Definition of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are like mini movies—short and sweet but nonetheless powerful. They're used by businesses, organizations and individuals alike as a way of engaging their customers while also raising brand awareness...and here's the best part - they don't always have to be animated; sometimes it can just be live-action footage too! So get ready – in no time at all you'll understand exactly why these short films make such big waves online (sometimes literally!).

pie chart graphic showing growth

Importance of Explainer Videos

With short attention spans and a preference for visual content, explainer videos are practically the poster children of our digital age. They offer an engaging way to process and communicate complex information quickly – perfect if you're introducing a new product or service, demonstrating how something works in real-life situations, getting creative with concepts and ideas, training, or just boosting your brand awareness. Plus they’re versatile like that; shareable on social media platforms easily embeddable onto websites - so there's no limit as to what these awesome mini-movies can do!

Explainer videos are the bee's knees when it comes to standing out from competitors and captivating potential customers. They're so powerful, in fact, that studies show conversion rates can increase by up to 80%! Plus - they offer a fantastic way for organizations of any size to emotionally connect with their audience through storytelling and humor. Who doesn't love relatable characters? Put together an explainer video today - release your inner storyteller while increasing conversions tomorrow!

Explainer videos are a crucial tool to help businesses, organizations, and individuals stand out with their message. Introduce your hot new product? Explain that complex concept? Promote your brand or services in an impactful way? You bet - explainer videos deliver it all in one tidy package!

The 5 Best Explainer Video Examples


Who says the classics can't be timeless? Dropbox's explainer video - which has been around since 2009 and seen over 30 million views! - is proof that some stories never get old. It follows 'Drew' as he takes viewers on a journey through cloud-storage, showing off how perfectly simple it can be to store your data online. And thanks to Drew's efforts, in 15 months time (and with help from other factors of course) Dropbox skyrocketed its users – going from 100K members all the way up to 4 million... Talk about success!

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club's explainer video was a major hit, with 12,000 new customers joining in the first 48 hours of its release and over 26 million views. It succeeded by blending humor and storytelling to make their brand memorable and relatable - something that helped establish them as one of the top players in men's grooming!

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg's explainer video is an absolute game-changer! From their clever use of live action, animation and visual metaphors to tell a story, the video they created has helped increase website conversions by 64%, plus it's racked up over 1.5 million views - leaving no doubt that they are now at the top of their game when it comes to optimizing websites.


Captain Kirkwood is here to save the day! Slack's legendary animated explainer video, starring none other than our hero himself, has rocketed their team communication tool into the limelight. This cleverly funny and creative approach resonated with viewers so much that it drew in 8K signups within a single day of its release - not to mention being viewed over 2 million times after that! Thanks to this dynamic duo of animation and humor from Captain Kirkwood, there's no doubt now why Slack reigns as leader in team communication technology.

Mint's innovative personal finance management tool was introduced to the world, and it shook up how people managed their finances! It even gained 1.5 million users in record time – that's some serious financial mojo!

I know we said 5 but here are a couple more Explainer Video Examples:


Moz revolutionized SEO education with this Whiteboard Friday video series that demystified the basics of search engine optimization for everyday users. It's no wonder they skyrocketed to become one of the top players in SEO!


TED-Ed - "What is Depression?" - This animated explainer video helped bring awareness to the symptoms and causes of depression in an engaging and informative way and has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

How to Make Your Own Explainer Video

Define Your Goal

Ready to shoot a video that stands out from the rest? To make sure your project is on point and accomplishes a good example of what it sets out to do, follow these three tips:

  1. Set an objective for your video – one that aligns with your business goals but also speaks directly to customers.

  2. Keep things clearcut; no need to go over-the-top when you can get straight down the line!

  3. Know who's watching – think about how you can use this opportunity as a chance create something tailored exactly for them. That'll really hit home!

  4. Whether you're creating an explainer video for your business, there's a lot to consider. From finding the perfect format that resonates with viewers and presents your message effectively - animation? Live-action? Whiteboard perhaps? - to setting up a budget so it doesn't break the bank; we've got all bases covered!

  5. Put together an amazing visual story within financial constraints – with no compromise on quality thanks to professional production companies – then sit back & watch as those views roll in!

football field graphic

What is the purpose of the video?

Who does your best explainer video need to reach? Trying to identify the perfect audience for your explainer video can be a tricky challenge. Once you determine who they are, though - and understand their needs - it'll become an easier task than ever before! What issues do these potential customers face in everyday life that could potentially be solved with your product or service? Answering this question should help shape the solution-focused message of any successful explainer videos.

Is your explainer video a bit lackluster? Reach new heights of engagement by highlighting the incredible benefits customers will experience when they use your product or service. And don't forget to include an irresistible call-to-action – get viewers pumped up and ready to take action!

team of people discussing video storyboards

Who is your target audience?

Knowing who your audience is can make or break a successful explainer video. Lucky for you, we've got some hot tips to help you figure out exactly who they are! Start by doing market research on potential customers so that you get an idea of what demographic and interests align with them - this information will be invaluable in understanding their wants and needs. Then create buyer personas based off the data collected which'll give a visual representation as to whom your target viewers would be; don't forget about mapping out where each persona lies within the buyer's journey too, when crafting content speak directly towards how far down it they may already have gone. Take it a step further and delve into creating a content strategy that caters to these personas - this may involve creating various types of videos such as tutorials or product demos. Finally, analyze your competitors and see what content does well for them, then use that as inspiration for your own pieces. With all of this work done, you should have a good baseline to build from when it comes to creating compelling content.

large group of people watching a presentation

Develop Your Message and Storyboard

Crafting the perfect message and storyboard for an explainer video is essential! These two tips can help you get it right: 1) Identify those juicy benefits of your product or service that make people's lives easier, because there needs to be a clear takeaway from what they're watching. 2) Keep your script simple - all these big technical words won't do anybody any favors; just stick with plain language everyone will understand. Once you have your script down, it's time to start thinking about visuals. Sketch out the scenes that will complement the story you've written and how they will be presented in an interesting way to keep viewers engaged. Keep it concise, explainer videos should be no longer than two-minutes.

man storyboarding a explainer video

Record Your Animations or Live Action Videos

To make sure your message really dazzles, you'll want to capture the visuals that will bring it alive. This means creating or finding characters, backgrounds and objects for animation – plus bringing them animatedly into live action video, with keyframes and motion graphics! But it doesn't end there; if you use pre-existing assets correctly (and don’t forget about creative license!), those same elements can be used over and over again in new ways… giving each video a unique spin every time!

If you're creating a live-action explainer video, you'll need to plan out your sets, make-up, sound effects, and even casting. You may also want to consider bringing in professional actors to help bring your videos and characters to life.

In either case, it's important to ensure that your visuals are of high quality and align with your message and branding.

video editing timeline of a explainer video

Record Your Voiceover

Ready to take the mic? Recording a voiceover is an essential part of making that perfect explainer video. To make sure your message really shines through, you'll need some top-notch recording equipment and a script written specifically for it. Not ready to invest in pro gear yet? A USB microphone might be just what you're looking for!

Next, pick a quiet spot with no distractions – grab some acoustic panels or blankets if you need more soundproofing. Then practice your script until it's just right. Now hit record and speak those words like they were made just for you - pause between sentences and don't forget breaks when needed. Finally, edit in audio software to make sure all of that hard work pays off: bye-bye background noise hello perfect recording!

man recording voice over for an explainer video

Add Music and Sound Effects

With just a few simple steps, you can take your explainer video from good to great! Adding the right music and sound effects in post-production will help bring out best explainer videos to its full potential. You'll want tracks that fit with your message and branding - don't worry if they're not produced in-house because there are plenty of royalty-free options available online! Plus, creating custom audio is always an option too.

Add some sizzle to your video with music and sound effects! Edit the audio in post-production with a software program, adjusting pitch, tempo, and volume levels. Then check it out on full blast - refine as needed for an unmistakably awesome final project.

band recording audio for video

Finalize Your Video

It's time to wrap up your explainer video! To make sure it looks put-together and flawless, you need to review the whole project from start to finish. If anything stands out as needing refinement or adjustment, use video editing software for a more polished look. Then add those final touches - like transitions and subtitles.

Finally, just export in the right format and resolution, then blast away on social media or other relevant channels. Your viewers will love what they see!

group of people high fiving


Let's face it - when trying to make a point, pictures really are worth one thousand words. Animated explainer videos can pack an amazing punch for business owners and individuals alike by helping viewers understand even the most complicated topics in easy-to-digest little chunks (with some pizzazz!). Furthermore, they're also incredibly useful tools if you want to get your message out there since talk is cheap but visuals spark conversations! Plus with their help businesses can not only increase understanding of complex concepts among their target audience but also boost conversions and improve SEO results all at once. In other words: the live-action or animated video explainers remain king!

Final Thoughts

Ready to give your communication efforts a boost? Explainer videos are the perfect way to go! Use them as an effective tool to share complex ideas with clarity, pique interest in your brand and products, drive conversions get the picture. And if you follow our guide above, creating an amazing explainer video is simpler than ever before,

If you're in the market for an awesome explainer video, 3 Ton Group has got you covered. Their crew of pros have all the skills and expertise needed to spin up something amazing - it'll be sure to grab your target customers' attention like never before!


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