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Post Production

The art of video editing and where a video comes together

What is Video Post Production?

Our post-production services include everything that’s needed for taking your video from a collection of raw footage and graphic assets, to the final video that’s posted on your website or distributed via your social media pages.

From rough cut to final export, we’ll take care of things like voiceover and music selection, to more nuanced work like selecting the very best shots and just the right order for them. If you’ve shot a collection of client or employee interviews, we can facilitate transcriptions for you, or if you’d like us to craft the right story from them, we can handle that process instead. Much like our production process, we strive to be very collaborative so that the post-production process is as smooth as possible.

In order to achieve the most success in post, sometimes it’s beneficial to work out the kinks prior to the shoot. Check out the video below and see how we planned ahead, worked through several logistics details, and put together a video that mixed on-screen talent, shot on a green screen, with video animations the talent needed to interact with.

We can also pull music selects for you, compile voiceover talent auditions, and post work-in-progress edits privately online so you can share with your team and they can comment directly on those edits.