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Promo videos: Put yourself out there!

Promo videos and your business

What is a promotional video?

A promotional video, as the name suggests, exists to promote your business, organization, or product. Promotional videos can take a myriad of forms, from product videos to customer testimonials, to event videos, to a corporate promo video, to explainer videos, instagram video, to a company video. When you create a promo video, you have the chance to put your absolute best foot forward, as you have total control over your messaging, your visuals, and your brand...almost everything in the video will present your message exactly as you want it to be presented.

Since promo videos are a very large category of video content, they can involve many different video production steps. They may involve interviews, scripting, storyboarding, motion graphics, post-production, multiple shoots, music, voiceover...and the list goes on. Asking yourself what you want your promo video idea to look like will help determine the roadmap for your video’s production.

How to make a promo video: some top considerations.

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind, no matter what your promo video looks like, is length. A good rule of thumb for an online promo video is 2 minutes or less. You want to keep people’s attention and try to ensure they watch the whole thing without tuning out before the video ends.

  • Another thing to consider is where the video will live. Will it be posted on your website? Used widely on social media like Instagram stories? How are you going to get eyes on your video ads? Know where your potential customers spend their time online, and figure out how you can place your video where it will reach them.

  • Lastly, consider how to get the most out of your video content. For example, if your promo video is a compilation of client testimonials, is there an opportunity to break out those testimonials into individual video clips or video ads that dive deeper into the stories? Or perhaps you’re releasing a product line: you may want to produce a product line overview video that touches on each product, then also produce individual videos for each separate product. These considerations will help you make the most out of your video budget.

Promo video examples:

This product series video was shot in a studio to create a high end look and feel for the exercise equipment. Corporate videos like this can be broken up into smaller videos for different types of placement across the web.

Humor is always something good to consider when you start kicking around corporate video ideas. This great corporate video promo uses a bit of dry humor as a framework for introducing a new company website.

Corporate video production for promo videos can be used to promote almost anything, including the launch of a new brand, like this launch video for Compeer Financial.

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