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Testimonial Videos: One of the most powerful sales tools.

Testimonial videos & the power of authenticity

Why do advertisers use customer testimonials?

Video testimonials on the surface are straightforward: a customer or someone who has worked with your service describing their overall experience. But in that simplicity lies a great deal of power. Your target audience often has an easier time relating to video testimonial advertising because they can see themselves in the subject, and often times the content can feel more authentic. Testimonial ads are a great opportunity to drive home your value or your message, using the words of one of your customers or users.

Are customer testimonials a good fit for you? Know your customers’ stories.

Obviously, you can’t just show up at a customer’s home and start rolling the camera! You’ll have to do a little prep work in order to find the best customer stories. Conduct some phone call interviews, or send out a written questionnaire to help you get an idea of the potential stories that are out there. That way, you’ll know exactly what opportunities are out there and will be able to capture them effectively. That said, don’t try to script your subjects for the video testimonials– that will work against the authenticity you are trying to convey. Make sure you allow your subjects to tell their story naturally. If needed, it can always be edited for length and clarity during post-production.

Customer testimonial examples.

Take a look at some testimonial video examples below and consider how you might reach your potential customers by leveraging the voice of your current ones!

A great example of the potential for authenticity with a customer testimonial. Grant and Stephanie welcomed us into their home to speak directly about the process of building it with Nottingham Builders.

Testimonials from many different people can be combined into a single video, much like you see here for this Baird Careers video. This video uses the voices of several IT professionals at Baird to attract future candidates.

A good example of combining a compelling testimonial with engaging B-roll, this video production shows Sean during a typical day at the Medical College of WI School of Pharmacy while we hear his story.

Consider these testimonial advertising examples when planning your own testimonial video!

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