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Video Production

3 Ton Group creates amazing videos for their clients

Video Production Company

As a professional video production company, we handle all aspects of the production process. This can include anything from scriptwriting and storyboarding, to location scouting and talent casting, and of course the actual shooting of your video.


We pride ourselves on our ability to scale our crew and operation to fit digital video projects of all shapes and sizes, from corporate videos, to employee training videos, to large-scale commercial productions. Our crew resources include an array of talented producers, shooters, gaffers, grips, production assistants, makeup artists, location scouts, and more.

Video Production Team

Our production team will work with our clients in almost any capacity, whether they are direct clients or agency teams. Our varied experience on projects of all types gives us a unique perspective and ability to meet you creatively wherever you need us to. We’re comfortable coaching interview subjects, directing talent, shooting on location at working industrial facilities, and everything in between.

Small Video Crews

Not every video production needs to involve a huge crew. Small video crews are nimble, fast, and can tell a story efficiently. Check out how a simple 2 or 3 person crew can yield great results.

Get in Touch

If you have any video marketing needs, get in touch with us to see how we can help move your project forward. Also, check out our posts on Post Production, Training Videos and Promo Videos.

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