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7+ Promo Video Ideas for Your Business

Every business wants to be able to put out excellent, professional, quality video graphic content. This is the kind of promotion that engages an audience, and in our highly visual and digitally formatted world, video has become an essential means of delivering content in the best possible way.

Designing a promo video in terms of structure and format is more than possible - especially when you utilize services such as 3 Ton Group to get started.

Focusing on the kind of promotional content you hope to address can be the first hurdle. How can you generate ideas in a competitive creative landscape? In this post, we’ll ponder a few ideas alongside you - feel free to take inspiration from them:

Promo Video Ideas For Your Business:

1. The Journey of Your Firm

Showcasing the journey of your firm through a small tour of your offices, motion graphics displaying your growth, displaying old prototypes of products - this can help the audience get a sense of the journey you’ve been through, how you’ve improved, and why they should care.

2. The Makeup of Your Team

It can be healthy to show your team through video content, as a ‘meet the team!’ video is so much better than just a page on your website. You may be able to show the CEO of your firm, as well as what inspires them about the industry you’re in. When clients see the people behind the brand, they care about it more.

3. A Specific Promotional Proposal

If you’re running a special event, or promotion, then it can be helpful to provide a short video for that. It could be anything from an announcement that you’re joining a business convention with a demonstration to see, or perhaps that you’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of a product.

video producer painting a W on a bare man's chest

4. A Joining of Brand Forces

If you’re running a mutual collaboration with another firm, then it can be beneficial to showcase that. You can do that with exciting video graphics and content design to help excite and see the connections made in your corner of the industry.

5. Mysterious Content That Builds Intrigue

Mysterious content that builds intrigue, such as the darkened, shaded outline of a particular upcoming product release - may be the exact content you need to get people talking. A lead up to a product reveal like this could help generate so much more buzz than it otherwise might.

6. Celebrating A calendar event

Celebrating a wonderful calendar event is a great use of your time - and makes a tremendous difference to the health of your firm. From providing promotion for an internal awards show, or celebrating the anniversary of your business acquisition, there may be plenty to celebrate.

7. Appreciating Your Industry in Videographic Content

Think of how appreciating your industry can truly work wonders for your brand. Consumers want to see you appreciate your initiatives, the community that supports you, and the wider field you might operate in. A skateboard brand, for instance, might sponsor an upcoming tournament, and produce content covering it.

Bonus - A Solemn Address

As simple as it might seem, a bonus address can showcase where your priorities lie as a brand, and why that matters. This might involve your CEO directly addressing the camera with thanks for being invited to such an amazing event, or in showcasing how proud you are to release a new product or service inspired by your supporters. A little sincerity goes a long way.

With these inspired video ideas for your business, and the talented group at 3 Ton Group ready and willing to take your video content further, you’re sure to design a profound success.

video monitor showing interview set up for a testimonial video

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